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As time passes
Have you ever thought about what it was like for you last year? Two years ago? Three years ago? How about four years ago?
Have you thought about this being the place you wanted to be?

Take a moment to look back and see what you used to be like

Are you still like that?

Have you changed?

Now ask your self the biggest question....

Why have I changed?

Change can be both good and bad.

One thing we all have in common is that we have changed and time has passed

No matter who you are or where your from
Time does not stop.
As time passes keep looking forward and remember
Always look forward don't look back not even to gain courage to keep going forward.

This is just food for thought Tracy and I are still working on the blog so keep checking in. Let us know what you think.
<3 Wanda


Under Contruction...
Wanda and I have finally decided to start working on this blog. This blog is currently undergoing construction so we hope to have it up and running within the next week. Until then... take care!



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